Rent Our Paypal Account?

We will count order each $200 or one day depends your sales
I take 10% your sale. Mean if balance paypal $100 . you take $90 ( will send to your own paypal account or amazon giftcard / Apple Giftcard) and $10 for me. If you want receive BTC/ETH. I will take 20% (Because i lose fee for trader)
If Paypal get limited, i will give other account to replace. You will receive money after 6 months!!! That ‘s why we change account when balance $100 reached
When i send you bitcoin?: Almost in 2 hours. If paypal acocunt holds money. You must wait sometime until it releases. Don’t ask me too much time about this. You always get bitcoin!!!
Many services/ websites have been using our paypal for their payment gateway.

Why US?

We’re a team from USA and VIP member on BHW
All services with only telegram username and we never get any complains about our service. You can google about me.
We have been running this service since 2015
List services:

buy paypal account
buy paypal account